EDYS Philosophy & People

EDYS is more than just a place for teens to hang out. We bring with us a qualified team and wealth of experience.

Our programs are funded by Local, State and Federal governments, and occasionally with private donor or corporate support. We provide most services free of charge or at cost (if school holiday activities).

Community Builders Program a community engagement program aimed at young people to help them transition into critical thinking and resilient adults. It provides access to information, referrals and advocacy, social inclusion and skills building workshops to get young people involved in experiences, feel good about their futures and connected to each other. While our Centre is open 5 days to achieve these goals, our social space, café & music studio, is open 3 days a week from 2:30 – 5:30pm, and is staffed by 2 qualified youth workers at all times.

Conversations between youth and our staff are solution focused, and based on child focused-trauma informed practice. Understanding the family’s history, attachment and patterned behaviours to better understand the struggles and to work in partnership with each family and young person to facilitate change.

The Early Intervention & Placement Prevention (EIPP) program provides targeted child, youth and family support services to reduce the likelihood of children and young people entering or remaining in the child protection and out-of-home care systems. This is a direct service provision to build relationships and strengthen attachment

Youth and Family workers practice from a trauma informed principles and use attachment based parenting techniques to promote close relationships between young people and parents, to support emotional regulation and help rebuild lives following family conflict or violence.

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