Importance of Connection in Young People

Adolescence is a period of self-discovery, where not only the body is changing but also the brain structure. This period is very exciting for young people as they have a sense of an outburst of energy, driving social engagement, seeking new experiences and being creative. This self-awareness is harnessed only by our connections and our sense of belonging. As teens want others to be as much excited about their exploration as they are.

Parents on the other hand find this period a stressful and emotional time and a time to get through it. They watch puberty unfold as their child now a self-directed, independent individual is raring to take on life.

This passion for life is sometimes met with moodiness called emotional storms (Siegel 2015) and during these emotional highs and lows what is seen as important during this period is healthy interpersonal connections for shaping brain growth. Therefore, our positive attitude towards teens fosters interdependence and shifts them through conflict and chaos to courage and creativity.

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