Programs for Parents

In addition to our programs targeted at young people, we also offer a range of programs for parents that are designed to build parenting skills and capacity.

If you are interested in attending any of these programs, please call our Centre Manager on 9548 2734 or email us at

Programs For Parents & Carers

CIRCLE OF SECURITY (COS) is an attachment based parenting program that looks at the attachment between children and caregivers. This 8 weeks program helps caregivers to understand the importance of being seen, soothed and safe to build secure relationships to help enrich the connection and emotional capacity of caregivers.

This therapeutic group aims to protect and nurture children who have experienced stressful life events. Through the use of symbols such as family, pets, friends, places and events, participants can tap into their internal knowledge and strengths, and together, design and create a blanket, which is a representation of sustained strength during times of difficulty – an Angel Blanket. This program is for both parents and teens.

How to Parenting Teens program – Practical applications of How to Talk so Teens will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk.

Further details about some of our parenting programs can be found here.

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