What We Do

There is so much to do at EDYS!

EDYS Social Space is a blank canvas for you to develop skills in our workshops or work on a project close to your heart. Free Wi-FI for members means you can check your socials, check your bank accounts, Centrelink, or find inspiration for your current work on YouTube or Pinterest. You can also chill on the couch, or use our printers, work on your resume or finalise a project you’re working on.

• The Café offers a range of snack options at student friendly prices, so if you are after a bite to eat or drink after school, we’ve got you covered plus free food on Fridays.

• Multimedia Space, is a dedicated creative space available to support our budding local musicians, artists, poets, actors, photographers, vloggers, programmers/coders. We offer a room which has mixing and mastering gear, lighting setup, a stage and much more in it. You can book the Studio for one on one music instruction, a solo session to practice for upcoming shows or just to start or finish a creative project.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to produce and get your own music out, market it and make serious business out of it, talk to Nathan. Click for Booking Calendar

EDYS Expression Initiative – Offering free weekly creative workshops on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:30pm – 5:30pm, the EDYS Expression Initiative is a great way for young people aged 12-18 years to navigate stress and anxiety through music, art or mindful movement.

School Holiday Experiences – When school’s out, we provide opportunities to develop skills and expand your minds. Check out our upcoming school holiday calender, with a mix of free and low cost outings.

Events – We are the driving force behind some one of a kind events in the area. From scooter competitions, seasonal festivals, movie nights or street art exhibitions– we give you lots of options to get involved in & helping you plan your own exhibitions or just getting the chance to do things outside the box.

Youth Programs to encourage personal development and practical support for teens. Building teens into healthy, thriving young adults. Strengthening young minds towards healthy living, free thinking, positive relationships and a confident self.

Parenting Programs – facilitates deeper understanding of the struggles in adolescence and the emotional and physical changes taking place to strengthen relationship and turn conflict into connection. See our parenting programs on offer

• Access to information – Need some help on a particular topic and not sure where to go? Our experienced youth workers are super connected in the community and know how to sort through what youre being told on the TV and internet. Whether it’s health, relationships, work and fair pay, family, global affairs, school/alternative education stuff, sexuality, legal matters or dealing with Police, we can help you develop your critical thinking skills to do your own research, know what your options are and get you help when and if you need it.

EDYS is a drug and alcohol free zone

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