EDYS Space

EDYS Space is YOUR Space. You make the experience happen.

Our Youth Centre, located at 16-20 Station Street Engadine, has long hosted some of the Shire Youth’s most innovative thinking for events, activities, and blossoming businesses! And with our recent revamp, we’re incredibly excited about what the future holds.

EDYS Space is a blank canvas, where you can develop skills in our workshops or work on a project close to your heart. Free Wi-FI for members means you can tap in and check your socials, or find inspiration for your current work on YouTube or Pinterest. You can also chill on the couch, or use our computers and printers to get help with banking, work on your resume or finalise a project you’re working on. The Cafe offers a range of snack options at student friendly prices, so if you are after a bite to eat or drink after school, we’ve got you covered.

One of the big drawcards of EDYS is our Multimedia Space, which is a dedicated creative space available to support our budding local musicians, artists, poets, actors, photographers, vloggers, programmers/coders. We offer a room which has mixing and mastering gear, lighting setup, a stage and much more in it.  You can book the Studio for one on one music instruction, a solo session to practice for upcoming shows or just to start or finish a creative project. If you’re interested in learning more about how to produce and get your own music out, market it and make serious business out of it, talk to Nathan, our music expert.

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