EDYS Expression Initiative

EDYS Expression Initiative is a therapeutic program aimed at supporting young people 12-18 years to navigate their thoughts, feelings and emotions through creative outlets as a means of expression.

Young people will have the opportunity to participate in workshop based sessions deilvered 3 times a week during school terms. Each workshop will aim to engage young people in activities that promote creative expression and encourage imagination that supports them to build resilience, coping mechanisms, self-confidence and foster their growth and development.

If you are interested in learning more about the EDYS Expression Initiative programs and when they are running, please contact our centre manager on 9548 2734 or email info@edys.com.au.

Program Structure

Includes working with sound and instruments, writing lyrics,  composing songs, creating musical pieces.

Focusing on the mind and body through a variety of methods such as mindfulness, yoga, health & visualisation.

Creating art using various means including drawing, painting, photography & writing.

Each term will have a different theme. Details of weekly program content or guest facilitators is available from EDYS staff or via the EDYS Facebook Page.

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