Group Programs

Our group programs, which are delivered in high schools and on premises, are designed to foster personal development, being informed and at peace with who you are. We tackle real and serious issues in practical and engaging ways, all the while promoting real learning and self-improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about their programs and when they are running, please contact our centre manager on 9548 2734 or email

Programs For Young People

Respectfully Curious is a group for LGBT+ teens and allies, co-facilitated by EDYS and Accredited Specialist LGBT + Counsellor Kelly Sweeny. Held from Term 3 2019, on Tuesdays 3:15pm to 4:30pm. 

Love Bites is an extremely successful school-based domestic and family violence and sexual assault prevention program. It is based on best practice standards for education programs as recommended by leading academics in the area of violence against women, and is aligned with the PDHPE high school curriculum in NSW.

The small group is a safe space to talk and connect with others. During the sessions we explore friendships, bullying, mental health, self-esteem and body image, managing difficult feelings and values. The group fosters an accepting and positive atmosphere that is focused on building strengths and resilience, and is a safe space to explore the issues and topics mostly affecting girls their age. We aim to help them feel more confident, positive, supported, and answer any questions they may have.

META is a bespoke program that aims to lower levels of anxiety and stress in young people, while boosting levels of resilience through exploration of self, clean eating, how to critically think, positive intentions and a grateful heart. In 6 weeks, we hope to introduce new ideas and get young people accustomed to discussion of deep topics which we hope will foster independence, confidence, responsibility, expressiveness, empowerment and a feeling of optimism about their connectedness with the world around them.

Drum Beat Program focusing on exploring healthy, supportive relationships with an emphasis on team work and co-operation. Themes such as self-responsibility, values, emotional expression, identity and peer pressure are all addressed in this program that aims to engage, connect, entertain and encourage participants allowing the expression of creativity and reducing anxiety and stress.


This initiative aims to support young people to build resilience and strategies to navigate their thoughts, feelings and emotions through creative outlets. Structured sessions will be held at EDYS following drop-in afternoons, Wednesday to Friday and include art, music, mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

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