About Us

EDYS is a dynamic and creative and a space for young people aged 12 – 18 years to gather, socialise and express themselves and explore possibilities. We are an alcohol and drug free youth centre, where you have access to experienced youth professionals who foster relationships, encourage development, and promote independence. Oh yeah, and did we mention we have free Wi-Fi?

What we do
There is so much to do at EDYS! From our social space, café and music/multimedia facilities, through to our group programs, holiday experiences or locally run & supported events, the words “I’m bored” will never come out of your mouth again! Can we omit this last bit as I’m sure our young people will complain about boredom regardless. Check out our calendar here.

Who we help
• Young people aged 12 – 18 years
• Parents, carers or families of young people

Parent Info
We are glad you want to know more about us, and hope that together, we can support your teen to grow into an amazing resilient, self sufficient adult that knows their talents and the uniqueness and brilliance they bring to the world.

We have a special section on our website just for Parents – which gives you more info about not only who we are and what we do, but how and why we do it. We’re here not just for your kids, but you aswell. Get in touch and let us help you on the toughest job you’ll ever do – parent a teen!

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